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January 2012

Love | Peace | Happiness

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You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons.                                                                                                                                                             And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes.

~Walter M. Schirra, Sr.

A new baby brings untold joys in the life of a mother. The moment a child is born, a mother is also born. She never existed before.
The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.
Breathe deeply, Whisper softly, Love loudly, Kiss tenderly, Forgive fully,

Laugh genuinely, Accept graciously, Cry unashamedly, Live happily.
What a great way to start the weekend. Thank you so much to the Karinda & Michael
for bringing us your handsome baby boy, Michael Jnr.
He was so peaceful and such a delight to photograph.


A leap of faith

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Loving someone is a leap of faith

You are giving them your heart

and trusting them not to break it…

No matter what happens I will still never regret making that leap for you

~ Author Unknown ~


After having to sadly pass up an opportunity to work alongside a friend and fellow photographer extremely well known in the business due to family commitments, another opportunity presented itself when a budding young Model by the name of Natalie who we had been trying to organize a photo shoot with for some time called to say she was available. The excitement quickly grew between Kam and I as we began to plan our next photo shoot…………. “Beach Bride”. Unfortunately for us however the weather forecast was looking grim. We tried to remain optimistic and hoped for the best. The photo shoot was arranged for 1pm on Sunday & when we awoke that morning the sun was shining & the weather seemed perfect!! However, as I was driving home from dropping the kids off at my parents place for the afternoon, the sky filled with dark clouds- the blue sky we’d waken up too, no longer visible. Probably no more than 5mins after Natalie walked in our front door it began to come down by the bucket load. Within a matter of 10mins our entire back patio was under water and our hopes of a beach photo shoot seemed slim. We decided at that point to set up the indoor studio lights & backdrop, do Natalie’s hair and makeup and make the most of the time we had. Once hair & make up was complete it was time to put on the dress. This dress was a Jean Fox original from some year back and had been sitting in a wardrobe at my parents place all this time, been preserved & awaiting to be brought to life. Once again it fit perfectly, as though it was made just for Natalie. With the lighting & backdrops all ready and Natalie looking stunning in the dress, the photo shoot began. Natalie was most professional, beautifully posed and easy to work with. After about an hour the rain had died down, we had already taken lots of beautiful studio shots and so and we decided to take a chance and head to the beach at La perouse, Sydney. By the time we arrived the rain had stopped and the sky was the perfect shade of blue and grey providing an ideal backdrop for our photo shoot. We took some amazing pictures that afternoon and are so pleased with the way the day turned out. We hope that you enjoy the pics too……….

Tower of Love

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Of all of God’s creation

I love you foremost

Tower of inspiration And kindness outmost

Providing motivation Giving me support

Helping ease frustration With friendly comfort

I’m frozen by your beauty Melted with your touch

In your arms I long to be I love you so much

Even after many a year The love of my life

You’re the one I hold most dear Blest you are my wife


LOOK OUT photography world!! Two established photographers are joining forces to create a photography company to be reckoned with. Kamrul Hasan of KH Photos and Christie Murphy of Perfection Photography are pleased to announce the birth of their new company PURE ELEGANCE

A company that will capture your most magical moments and make them last a life time.
Our first photo shoot together (without one of us been the model- lol).
I think Kam and I both woke early in anticipation of the day’s events, quickly taking a peek outside to see if the forecast of rain was correct, luckily for us Mother Nature had put on an absolutely perfect display of sunshine and blue skies for our first photo shoot. The morning was filled with running errands, picking up bouquets and last minute prop ideas, setting up the studio lighting and testing all the equipment.
Our model Ana arrived on time, even without any makeup on she looking stunning already.
I had offered to do Ana’s makeup for the photo shoot and was beginning to feel a little nervous after not having done makeup on someone else in years, perhaps even since my days of Makeup artistry at TAFE. As I nervously began to do Ana’s makeup, Kam got the camera out and the photo shoot began- capturing the “Bridal Preparation”.
Once Ana’s makeup was complete (quite beautifully, if I may say so myself) It was time for “The Dress.” A stunning strapless Maggie Sottero design that Kam and I had brought off EBay only the evening before. Ana fit into it PERFECTLY. Kam and I couldn’t have been happier.
Without wanting to waste another moment of the beautiful day we had been given we headed off to Nurragingy reserve, Doonside NSW.
The competition was on, Kam had challenged me as to who was the better Photographer (both of us saying the other of course). Who would have the best picture at the end of the day?? Perhaps we will let you all be the judges……….!!
The photo shoot at Nurragingy went extremely well, luscious green backdrops, beautiful natural lighting, a variety of settings and places to get great shots.
Wanting to make the most of what was left of the sunshine so we decided to move our photo shoot onto Parramatta Park, Parramatta NSW. Here we were once again greeted with luscious green fields and amazing backdrops. With the sun starting to set slowly we carefully chose our locations to take the remainder of the shoots for the day, leaning a little more towards a fashion shoot than just standard wedding photography.
From Parramatta we made the journey home to finish the day of with some fun studio shots using a variety of props. Ana was a great sport and we both really enjoyed working with her, perhaps we will work with her again one day.
The day overall was a huge success and we gained some very special and memorable shots.
We polished the day of by celebrating with a bottle of delicious Strawberry Champagne.