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July 2012

Australian Seascape

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Trip to the gong.(Wollongong)

So, this is the story behind this image. I arrived in Wollongong, coming straight from the Blacktown.About an hour and 30 mintues drive. It was raining and a little cold. Well, the coldest it gets according to some locals. Some 10 degrees Celsius. I had researched about this area very poorly before jumping on the car , I was counting on getting some sunset shots while I was there. I was strolling along the beach and saw quite a few photo opportunities. But the sky wasn’t helping. It was pitch black and rainning on and off. Despite of that, I decided to stick with it, and waited. I climbed down a hill and found a flat rock where the tripod could be set. And sure enough, the light broke through the clouds making me and Christie Murphy who came for the sunset very pleased. As soon we have decided to get out of the car to shoot, it started pouring again.

fternoon light fading away and the waves splashing on the rocks. Hardly any souls on the beach on this rather windy afternoon. One or two fishermen wondering what I was doing on top of a small hill so I could find the angle I was looking for. I was having a great time regarless of anything else and that’s what matters most. It is in moments like this that I understand why I started taking pictures.

This was my first day  seasacape shooting with the Canon Mark II and all I can say is: wow! What a nice camera. The amount of detail I can now see in every shot blows me away. Very pleased with it.

Once again australian seacape is one of the stunning seascape I have ever seen. Its like you are in heaven. Pure elegance photos proud to be a part of this beautiful landscape.


I might consider doing a landscape photography workshop soon. Anyone who is interested please inbox us. It is very affordable for the newbies..Thanks for stopping by!


Canon 5D mark II
Canon 35mm L lens 30-sec. exposure
ISO 100
ND Grad 0.9 reversed
No polarizer.
RAW file processed Adobe Camera Raw
TIFF file processed with Photoshop cs5