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January 2013

Cinematic Wedding Videography

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Pushpinder and Jasmine’s wedding day started very early in the morning. We were to be at Jasmine’s place by 6am. At 5:45am, we sat outside their house in our parked car, holding coffee in one hand, camera bag in the other, watching heads bob up and down inside the house. We expected people to just be waking up, walking around in their pajamas, early morning chaos of some sort but what we found out was everyone dressed, Mojo (the dog) noticed us from far away, running on army’s time, ready to go at a moment’s notice. We started off with some getting ready pictures. We first took few shots of bride getting ready then realized we were running out of time. We only had less than 30 minutes to capture the groom getting ready and then family shots before heading to the Gurdwara (Sikh wedding venue). The following picture shows how thrilled the groom was before meeting the woman of his dreams. More to come.

Cinematic Wedding Video- Pushpinder Weds Jasmine from Pureelegancephotos on Vimeo.

Velit Porttito

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Quisque porta ipsum quis neque elementum lacinia. Pellentesque ut risus rutrum, tristique lacus nec, mollis risus. Vestibulum mollis erat arcu, eu vehicula purus consequat nec. Maecenas nunc odio, pulvinar id vulputate nec, porttitor at quam. Suspendisse vulputate diam eu leo bibendum feugiat.

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