Our  Story

Christie Murphy is an award winning inspirational photographer who strives to capture the natural essence of human emotionsAt Pure elegance Photography , we specialise in Wedding,  newborn, family, baby, pregnancy and glamour photography in Sydney. Our expert photographers can give extra style to your memories. Currently serving photography needs in the Sydney region. We aim to please clients who enjoy creative & artistic quality work.Newborn photography, baby photography, children\’s photography, maternity photography, black and white photography, newborn portraits, baby portraits, children\’s portraits, family portrait photography, maternity portraits, couple portraits and natural glamour portraits.Photography is a passion that we have had for over 15 years now. Specializing in wedding,  glamour, maternity, newborn, toddler and family portraits. We love to capture the magic bond between you and your children, or record your child\’s innocence capturing the expression in their eyes, or show the smallness and trust of a sleeping newborn baby. We always aim to not only capture the moment, but to tell a story of love..


Kamrul Hasan

He holds a Degree  in the Art of Photography  from the Institute of photography , a Diploma  in Photography from National Art School.Kam\’s photographic career began in 2001, after graduating with distinction from National Art School, a centre of excellence which has nurtured the talents of many acclaimed Australian artists. The technical and artistic strength of her photographs has led to exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne, and he has won several awards in Sydney. Kam has been a finalist in Cinematic wedding  in Paddington, and exhibited in Hyde Park.Being a creative fine art photographer with over 12 years experience in portraiture, her talent lies in classic, soulful imagery. He actively connects with children and adults to evoke their naturally emotive and playful side. This results in beautiful, timeless and evocative imagery.


Christie Murphy

 A photographer since 2003, Christie has worked throughout many aspects of the industry. She was a stills photographer for many weddings with her work regularly appearing in newspaper throughout Australia . In 2003 she began photographing children and families and her work is recognised as natural and creative art which tells the story of love.