Wedding Photography Workshop

2 incredible days of extensive learning, shooting and fun.

You love photography but not sure where to start and how to establish a business of your own !!!
Not sure what camera / camera gear to buy !!!
Need help building your own website / portfolio. (we will show you how to build your own professional looking website. Save 2k+ )
Not sure what software to use?
Not confident in different lighting condition.
Secrets to look like a pro, walk like a pro, talk like a pro
Need wedding pictures for your portfolio! You can use the Pictures for your portfolio.

MOST EXTENSIVE Wedding photography workshop in Australia.
I will teach you how to start your business from scratch. I cant teach you everything in 2 days, however I will first track your career by at least 4-5 years. I will look at things differently.
I will give you cheat sheet for photography on the day. All in one place. This will blow your mind.
At the end of the workshop, you will walk out of the room full with confident in 2 days that is our promise.
Every attendee will receive $450 worth of Photoshop actions from OZ Photoshop actions for free.

We will discuss – in detail – how storytelling impacts everything from branding to client interaction, pricing and sales. I have in a very short amount of time built a highly successful photography business, but I’ve also made mistakes and I will take you through both the good and the bad. I will conduct a live shoot and you will be able to shoot too. You will also be able to use these photos for your portfolio.
We will also talk about your role as an artist, finding your voice (you already have one, surprise, surprise), social media, how to get published and a bunch of other things. The main focus of the workshop is for you to walk away with inspiration and a newfound focus, ready to step things up in a serious way. After the three days you will hopefully walk away inspired and reassured that you have what it takes to move your business – and your life – in the direction it needs.
There are more photographers than ever and it’s more difficult to stand out from the crowd. Sadly, the odds aren’t in your favour. But with our help, they can be.
The students who take this class will walk away having a clear picture of what it looks like to own and operate a successful boutique wedding photography studio. This workshop is a great fit for any photographer looking to take their photography and business to the next level. We bring out the best in you. I will show you how handle wedding with the most cost effective way.
Want to pursue this crazy photography adventure?? Make money to buy more gear. There’s no way either of us could have imagined the things we’d do in that time, the places we’d visit, and the fun we’d have along the way.As passionate as we are about photography, we’re equally passionate about providing others with the tools they need to make their hopes and dreams a reality.
Whether you photograph weddings, newborns, families, glamour, and boudoir or even pets … if you’re saying any of the following, our workshop is for you.

We like to keep the group size 15-20 small so that the attendees can get the very most out of the workshop. Space is extremely limited!

BREAKDOWN: 2 Day Wedding Photography Courses include:


Get to know the camera and gear
Canon vs Nikon (don’t worry I am not going to argue about who is better. It’s you who is controlling the camera, not the other way around)
EQUIPMENT –What’s in my camera bag Gear to buy/ not to buy
Thinking like a Lens.
Colour Management in Camera
Creating your own brand.
Business mind.
Low light photography techniques
Natural light vs. studio light.
Preparation for the wedding day
Shooting the wedding from start to finish and getting those important shots
Using local church and area for photography ideas and tips
Using the best camera settings for each situation

Day 2

Getting to know our model
Lets go outdoor. Shoot in style.
Poses photography techniques.
What to shoot other than the standard stuff.
How to be creative.
Overcoming fear of directing.
Demonstration of techniques explained by posing real people.
Creating Magic with various body types: You will learn techniques of posing large, voluptuous, thin and flat chest people, couples with different heights.
Learning to see light, use a reflector, video light and other lighting options.
What to do in unexpected situations.
Flash lighting techniques.
Equipment needed for best results
Useful tips (clothing, accessories, attitude etc)
Some processing and Photoshop
A vision, implementation and polishing. Photoshop is just a tool, no more, no less.
Website Design.

Q & As will be discussed briefly:

– I love taking picture but why mine don’t look professional
-What’s the most effective way to market my business?
– Why aren’t I getting more enquiries?
– I’m getting some enquiries, but why aren’t I booking them?
– how to do business with family and friends
– I’m struggling to raise my prices
– I wish I could attract the type of clients that I’d really love to photograph.
– I’d really like to learn to interact better with clients on photo-shoots.
– Surely it’s not meant to be this hard!
– I’m losing bookings to cheaper photographers.
– I’m stuck and I don’t know where to start.
– I’m spending more time in front of a computer than with my family.
– My business is doing ok, but I’d like to take it to the next level.
– I’m drowning in my business and I need someone to save me.
– I really need an inspiration and motivation boost!


SYDNEY Wedding  Photography Workshop :JULY 1st    2015  [SOLD OUT ]
Melbourne Wedding  Photography Workshop: July 6th 2014 [SOLD OUT]
Perth Wedding  Photography Workshop:   June 13th 2014 [SOLD OUT]


SYDNEY Photography Workshop  : August 22nd 2015 (Limited spots left )
Melbourne  Photography Workshop   : Sep 4th  2015  (Limited Spots Available)
Perth : August 15th 2015

 (Limited Spots Available)

Adobe Photoshop Workshop.

Last workshop was a big success. So Hurry up and book in quick.
Limited to 10-12 Students  max.

PRICE : $899

Location : Around Parramatta, Sydney . Address will be emailed to you after the booking. Minimum 50% payment require 2 weeks  before booking.

“Thank you so much for devoting not only your time, but boundless energy and passion with us at your Melbourne Workshop. You are unique, and you shared many tips about the ‘reality’ of guiding a bride to pose in a complimentary way. Of going beyond the obvious… What works, what does not work and why. I love your character and your style, which is so reflective in your creations – you are inspirational and its encourages me too, to be me, who I am and continue on my path of developing my own style. Not just photographically but also how I like to engage myself within the whole experience. I feel so happy to have had the chance to meet you”


“I didn’t realise how much stuff I can learn in 2 days until I went to Pure elegance Photos workshop. I flew to Sydney last week to attend one workshop, and it was so worth it! I was amazed .2 full day was DEFINITELY not enough but Kam managed to cover methods of directing people, finding the magic in everyday places, and ways to enhance your images in post processing. I definitely recommend other people try to get to a workshop with Pure Elegance Studio, its time well spent, Great investment! Thank you for an awesome day :)”


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