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Let’s face it. Working out who sits with whom is not an easy task. Before we dive into the wedding reception seating plan, let’s work out what types of seating types work best for your style and wedding venue. After all, you want to host a lively and fun atmosphere for everyone.

On our blog, we plan to publish regular tips for wedding brides and also most asked questions by our brides. One of the topics that we always get asked is “What types of seating arrangements are best for photos?”

We promise to give you our experience over the last 17 years of photographing weddings, so your guests feel welcome and your wedding to the fullest.

Step 1: Prior to working out your seating arrangement, make sure you have the most RSVPs so you don’t have to work out the arrangement again and again. To tell you the truth, it is absolutely common that guests seem to leave things for the last minute. You will receive many last-minute cancellations if you are not one step ahead of them. Plan for contingencies when you create your wedding seating chart. Therefore, we advise you should plan for your wedding reception seating chart last. Once you ready head HERE for some ideas for some amazing seating chart template. This will give you some ideas and how to prepare your seating arrangement elegantly. There are many types of themes to choose from. Such as  

  1.  Greenery Wedding Seating Chart 
  2. Rustic wedding seating chart  
  3. Holiday Themes. … 
  4. Great Gatsby Theme. … 
  5. Woodland Forest Theme. … 
  6. Romantic Pink Theme. 
  7. Fairy tale wedding theme 
  8. Romantic wedding theme  
  9. Vintage wedding theme 
  10. Barn/farm wedding theme  

And plenty more….. 

Wedding photography seating plan Sydney
Sutton Forrest wedding

Step 2 – Do not have an open wedding seating arrangement – It will turn into chaos as people tend to sit with those who are already familiar with. You will end up having many complaints. you will want to assign guests to tables. If not, people’s feelings tend to get hurt if they are seated at the “wrong/different” table. Another drawback of this is that one part of the wedding area will be very loud and the other will be very quiet. Young people tend to seat with the only young crowd while the old family members seat in the quieter area. You want to step in before the environment gets extremely polarized. Otherwise, no one keeps the volume of the young crowds in check and it rises and ends up having a quite wild party. For fun, lively and pleasant reception tries to find a medium between these two attitudes. In plain simple words try to mix and match old with young, office going guests with outdoor working guests that way they will share different topics, Female with male and couple, Kids with some adults, etc… you get our point.

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Wedding Seating Plans
Wedding Seating plan

Remember it’s your day, don’t worry what others think about your seating arrangements. They are here to celebrate with you and your loving husband.

Plan your wedding seating arrangement by grouping guests according to how well you and your fiancé know them: family members, friends, work colleagues, and acquaintances.
It is always a good idea to have your closest friends or family at the tables near yours.
Worried about where to put your younger siblings or friends. Seat younger guests closer to the speakers and dance floor and try placing older and quieter guests a little further away.
Have your seating arrangement printed out near the entrance.
Use your wedding reception seating plan to introduce people with similar interests and different backgrounds. Introduce them during cocktail hours and explain the reason you thought they should meet.

Magic of communication. Have a chat with your fiancé and get him involved while you doing the arrangement. Try to find out why some people shouldn’t sit together. Avoid seating people together who do not get along. Otherwise, we guarantee conflicts will arise during the reception.
Try not to put all single people together otherwise, they will think you are “singling” them out.
Always a good idea if you can put people with similar interests or hobbies together. This way, they will find plenty of things to talk about and won’t get bored.

Wedding Seating Plan
Bridal Tips – Wedding seating plans

Make sure to have a designated table or area for Photographer, videographer, DJ, and the MC. Otherwise, they won’t have time to go for a break or to take a breath. After all, they were with you all day. You should have something to organize for them in your seating chart.
Remember that a stitch in time saves nine! Prepare yourself carefully on how to seat your guests at the wedding reception, and also consider many different table layouts. Use common sense – it never fails. Take a deep breath and enjoy your wedding planning! We are sure that you will do an amazing job.

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