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Boudoir Phographer Sydney

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should book A BOUDOIR SESSION? (collected from over 15 years of experience by a wedding photographer Penrith)

Booking a relaxed fun-filled photographer should be on top of your wedding list. More and more brides this day are opting to cover their wedding photography package to include a boudoir shoot. Starting from the pre-wedding shoot to first look photos, you will have multiple opportunities to stand in front of the camera. But what about a Boudoir shoot. Boudoir sessions might feel very intimidating however it is a very rewarding and liberating experience. This can be that slightly special gift for your fiancé’. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose a pre-wedding boudoir session.

1)            To feel Empowered: Having a pre-wedding boudoir session could be a great way to boost your self-confidence. In a couple of years, you will look back at those moments when felt sexy and empowered. Most importantly you are just enough…as you are right now, without changing anything about yourself. And that is very invaluable…            

2)            The Best Gift for your soon-to-be husband: trust me you man will cherish this rest of his life. If you love wearing sexy lingerie then feel free to wear your best pair and ROCK it… if it’s too much then wear something that you are comfortable with some cute playful undies or something that your fiancé has purchased recently for you. Just play it up and have lots of fun.

3)            Being comfortable in front of the Camera: Spending some time in front of the camera will make you an expert in front of the camera and more comfortable on your special day. You will connect with your photographer and know his style at a deeper level. This requires a lot of guidance and trust. You simply won’t regret this decision later on. A little champagne or glass of red wine will loosen things up and create a celebratory atmosphere. Your lucky fiance will love the results and thank you for it.

Boudoir Wedding Photographer Sydney

4)            Excuse to go for another shopping spree– sometime you will need a break from everything especially during the wedding planning caterer, band and the list goes on and on…. At least once you book a pre-wedding boudoir photoshoot, you will need to go shopping for some sexy and cute lingerie. Just another excuse to go out shopping. After all, you are doing this for a good cause.

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5)            To celebrate YOU- yes that’s right. This is a great way to show off all the hard work you have put into looking like the new you. A boudoir photo shoot is just what you need to show the incredible you. Just imagine the power of these photographs in the coming years. Don’t hold back. When you look back in 20, 30, and 50 years’ time when you can look back on these memories and observe how beautiful, sexy, and confident you were at that stage of your life.

Wedding Photography Boudoir session Sydney west

These photos definitely don’t need to be X-rated or R-rated —if PG-13 is your boudoir photo sweet spot then that’s perfect and more than enough. If you end up booking a session with Pure Elegance Photos, we recommend having that for roughly 2-3 months prior to your wedding day. Not a lot of photographer offers this package in their wedding packages in Sydney. For further information on how to book these sessions, please let us know during your inquiry. Our Wedding Packages may or may not include these sessions. On request ONLY.

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