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Now, let’s chat about your wedding day and how to get the absolute most out of it – tips from a wedding photographer in the blue mountains

By Pure Elegance Photos


Exciting much!!! It’s finally here. The waiting period is over. The most anticipated day in your entire life is finally here. All your wedding day concepts should all be figured out by now. Now that it’s your wedding day, there are a few basic things to help your day get down to business.

– Have a game plan ready. Set your expectations with your bridesmaids to take some pressure off you on the wedding day. They all need to be on the same page. Some jobs need to be allocated. Have it written down on a piece of paper or create what’s, app group. That way you have one less thing to worry about.

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– Allocate some jobs like hanging the dress, organizing the rings and jewelry for the photographers, shoes, perfume, gift exchange if there is any, etc..

–            Put on a nice robe (or matching robe if you have prepared) before the makeup artist starts putting makeup on you. That way when the photographer comes, you will be prepared for the photos. Think outside the box.

–            Choose to have your makeup near a bright light source for a photographer to take the photos. Trying to get good photos without the light is like putting the cart before the horse. Be prepare!!!

–            Clear the room as much as possible like no bags/ rubbish on the floor and make sure to clear as much as possible so that your photographer won’t have to spend time moving furniture. That will allow him to spend more time taking photos.

–            Try using wooden hangers for hanging the dress and have it ready for your photographers to grab as soon as they arrive.

Eling Forest, Sutton Forest Vineyard Wedding Venues

Wedding photography Eling forest winery wedding. This photo was taken in Eling Forest Estate and Winery Cottage.

–            Have a bottle of champagne and some clean glasses with a tray available for the wedding day morning. Remember not to drink before the photographer arrive. Keep them aside. Try to have another cheap bottle of champagne to shake it up and pop it. Bottle pop and having glasses of champagne with your bridesmaid make really awesome and creative photos. Do it !!!

–            Gameplan for the robe- consider having matching robes for cute getting-ready shots. As a Sydney wedding photographer, we recommend having a matching robe. It may cost a little extra but the photos turn out really amazing.

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–            For getting ready shots, have a chat with all your bridesmaids prior to the photoshoot. Clear instructions to be sent on the what’s app group about who will be doing the back of your dress. This will help you organize. If you can’t decide then have multiple people doing it one by one.

Vineyard wedding – Sutton Forest

ling Forest Estate– farm wedding venues nsw. For more info visit southern highlands wedding expo

–            Manicure and pedicure!!!! YES. Get it done at least 2-3 days prior to the wedding day. So at least if Something goes wrong then you will have time to redo it. Photos look absolutely amazing and details will look much clearer

–            Have a chat with your Dad if he would like to do the “First look” after you get ready. After you get ready, it’s an excellent time to have any gift exchange, read from a card, etc. you will be looking your best and the moments can be full of emotions.

–            Try not to put your jewelry and shoes on before you get ready. It’s a no-brainer however we have seen brides doing these mistakes.

–            Have your wedding bouquets delivered where you will be getting ready. This way it will be out in the open for photographers to take photos.

Again these are some of the common things we come across regularly. Being the bride, you need to on the driver’s seat. Having a perfect game plan on your wedding day can save you time and headaches later.

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More coming soon !!!

Wedding Photographer Windsor
Wedding Photography tips by Pure Elegance Photos

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